‘Ōhi‘a (Metrosideros polymorpha) on Hawaii Island. Photo by J. B. Friday | Island Conservation Hawaii

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Fall 2023

President’s Perch on Maui fires; Volunteers needed; Using Bioacoustics and Machine Learning to Monitor Endangered Birds; O Pioneers!; and more!

Don’t forget to join us for the Walk for the Wild and the Hawai’i Island Festival of Birds! 

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Summer 2023

In Memorium – Dr. Rob Shallenberger; Volunteers Needed!; Research Article: Pockets and Pathways to Invasion by Stephanie Mladinich; Article by Jack Jeffrey on the History of Nēnē at Hakalau; Peperomia: Pretty in a Pot; and more!

Also, don’t forget to visit us at the Hawai’i Conservation Conference!

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Spring 2023

Mahalo to all of our donors this year! Meet our new refuge staff and find ways to get involved with our volunteer trips. The big news is that our t-shirts are back, so order yours today! Check out the interesting talk by Dr. Fortini on environmental changes to Hakalau Forest, a tale of two species, and more.

Hakalau Hawaii Forest and Trail hike participants in front of a lobelia

Winter 2022

Mahalo for all of your support this year! The Holoholo Challenge and Walk for the Wild were huge successes, and we are hopeful we can reach our endowmnet campaign goal. Check out the pig research article,  Birds of Hawai’i Poetry and Prose Book Interview, naio information, and more.

Hakalau Hawaii Forest and Trail hike participants in front of a lobelia

Fall 2022

So many exciting events! Be sure to check out the Endowment Campaign, join us on the Walk for the Wild on October 15th, and join the Holoholo Challenge during the month of October. There is also information about the latest refuge volunteer trips, the most beautiful ‘ōhi’a tree, and more.

Hakalau Hawaii Forest and Trail hike participants in front of a lobelia

Summer 2022

New funding to protect birds from threats such as mosquitos; Volunteer Trips Resume; Research Post: Pockets and pathways to invasion: Monitoring avian disease-carrying mosquitoes in the face of climate change; Congratulations Baron; Refuge Bird Survey Summary, and more.

Baron holding a potted plant at a student career day presentation.

Spring 2022

Watch the American Forests and Teaching Change Videos filmed on the preserve; Research Post: Machine learning to improve bioacoustic monitoring of endangered birds in Hawai`i; History of the Pua Akala Cabin by Leah Messer, The 227 crickets of Hawai’i, and more.

Nene Goose. Photo by Dean Masutomi
Sunday Morning at Hakalau Forest. Photo by Dean Masutomi
Hawaii ‘Akepa. Photo by Jack Jeffery
‘Ōhi‘a (ohia), photo by J.B. Friday
Photo by Lauren Gutierrez
Ma‘ohi‘ohi (Stenogyne calaminthoides). Photo by Dean Masutomi