'Alawī. Photo by Jack Jeffery


Please Donate to the Friends of Hakalau Forest.

Donations are used to fund necessary projects on the Refuge that are above and beyond the Refuge’s budget. In the past the Friends have funded a water tank to supply the nursery, a new roof for the volunteer cabin, picnic tables, and brought an old truck back to life for use on the Refuge.

Please fill out the form below to donate.
If you prefer to make your payment by check, please mail to:
Friends of Hakalau Forest NWR, PO Box 6065, Hilo, HI 96720


If you are gifting a donation, do not use the form. Instead, please email us at friendsofhakalauforest@gmail.com

To cancel a recurring donation please email us at friendsofhakalauforest@gmail.com

Water tank installed by the Friends of Hakalau Forest
Re-roofing the volunteer cabin. Photo by Lorri Ellison
The camo truck at Hakalau. Photo by J. B. Friday
New picnic table. Photo by J. B. Friday
Nene Goose. Photo by Dean Masutomi
Sunday Morning at Hakalau Forest. Photo by Dean Masutomi
Hawaii ‘Akepa. Photo by Jack Jeffery
‘Ōhi‘a (ohia), photo by J.B. Friday
Photo by Lauren Gutierrez
Ma‘ohi‘ohi (Stenogyne calaminthoides). Photo by Dean Masutomi