Newsletters of the Friends of Hakalau Forest NWR


apapane with mosquito by Jack Jeffery

Summer 2020. Landscape-level mosquito suppression to protect Hawaii's birds, Stories form the early history of the Refuge, Refuge Manager's update, and more. 

Forest bird transects

Spring 2020. Update from the Refuge Manager,  Research in the Refuge: Restoring the forest, Stories from early history of the Refuge and before including paniolo times and the Forest Bird Survey, Opportunities for members and volunteers.

Steve Kendall

Winter 2019-2020. Steve Kendall, Refuge Biologist, on what a biologist does at the Refuge; Aloha to Donna Ball; Teaching Change youth environmental education program; New nominees for the FOHF Board.

Annual Meeting January 25th, 2020 10:00 am 60 Nowelo St. Hilo HI

Cashell Villa with parting gifts

Fall 2019. Manager's Update, Farewell to Cashell Villa, Jessica Loeffler:  Kupu Intern, Hakalau and Pacific Friends in Homer, Alaska, How to help the Friends, and Upcoming events.

Dieter Mueller-Dombois and large ohia

Summer 2019. Manager's Report by Tom Cady: New staff, new land acquisitions, outplanting, forest restoration, biology, volunteers, outreach, and more; Research in the Refuge: Growth rate and age of trees at Hakalu by Pat Hart; Volunteer T-Shirt Contest winner;  Upcoming Events on the Refuge.

 Angela Beck

March 2019. Manager's Report by Tom Cady, Research in the Refuge: Vocalizations of Hawaiian forest birds by Angela Beck, and Toxoplasmosis in Cats, Wildlife, and the Environment by Steve Hess.

New Hakalau Interns at the Nursery

December 2018. President’s Perch: Protecting the Refuge, protecting ‘ōhi‘a from ROD; Tom Cady to return as Refuge Manager; Refuge Happenings by Cashell Villa, acting Refuge Manager; Daniel and Dean Matsutomi as Volunteers of the Year; Research on the Refuge by Steve Kendall, Refuge Biologist; Dollar for Dollar Challenge Grant to fund the Endowment; Annual Meeting; Upcoming talk on translocating chicks to create new seabird colonies by Leilani Fowlke.

Yvonne with 'amakihi

September 2018. President's perch: Connecting people to the Refuge by J. B. Friday; Refuge happenings: Weathering the storm by Cashell Villa; Dollar for dollar Challenge Grant for the Endowment; Paradise Lost? Hawaii's 192 year mosquito history by Jolene Sutton.

Laulima sign

June 2018. President's Perch (Controlling mosquitoes in Hawai'i); introducing Tom Cady, acting Project Leader for the Refuge; Teaching Change: Inspiring Positive Environmental Change in Local Youth; August members-only trip planned for the Refuge. 

Jim Kraus farewell dinner

April 2018. President's Perch (Rapid 'Ohi'a Death and 'I'iwi), Jim Kraus Final Refuge Manager's Report, Cashell Villa new Refuge Managers Report, upcoming trips and events on the Refuge. 

Guests birding at the 2015 Spring Open House

Volume XIX, Summer 2015. President's Perch, New Endowment Fund, Spring Open House, 20 Years of Forest Regeneration, Celebrating Success and Confronting Challenges on the Refuge, Rapid Ohia Death, Refuge Manager's Update.

 Friends birding at the Refuge

Volume XVIII, Spring 2015. President's Perch, Refuge Manager's Update, winter and spring service trips to the Refuge.

Hakalau Open House Spring 2014

Volume XVII, Summer 2014.  The koa trees are coming back after last year's koa moth attack; Spring Open House a success; Mauna Kea Watershed Alliance programs; Presidents' Perch; Manager's Report.

Youth planting a tree at Hakalau

Vol. XVI, Fall 2013. Teaching Change youth environmental education program, New program for propagation rare plants on the Refuge, Refuge manager’s report, and From the President’s Perch. 

Koa trees defoliated by the koa moth

Vol. XV, Summer 2013. Koa moth defoliates trees in the Refuge; lecture on the Teaching Change program September 17th; Refuge Open House October 19th; upcoming service trips in December; from the President's Perch, and new t-shirts: what colors do you want?

Baron showing University of Idaho students the forest nursery at Hakalau NWR

Vol. XIV, Spring 2013. New board takes office, 2013 projects, a national award for Baron Horiuchi, history of how the Refuge was established, the Jack Jeffrey Conservation Grant, and "The nene: Hawaii's iconic goose" published with permission from The Wildlife Professional.

Further reading on the history of how and why the Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge was established:

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new volunteer cabin roof

Vol. XIII, Winter 2012. New volunteer cabin roof (thanks donors!), Teaching Change to Local Youth at Hakalau, Presidents' report, Refuge update, and more. 


Vol. XII, Fall 2012. Rare birds found at lower elevations within Hakalau Forest for the first time in decades, October Open House, Volunteer days at Hakalau, FOHF volunteer appreciation luncheon, FOHF President's notes and the volunteer cabin roof replacement, Refuge manager's report.


Vol. XI, Spring 2012. Year in review, 2012 board, what's new on the Refuge, a visitor's view, Nature of Learning grant, Jack Jeffrey Conservation Award to 'Imi Pono no ka 'Aina.

Hakalau Forest NWR Open House 2011 at Puu Akala

Vol. X, Winter 2011. Open House 2011, website update, Hawaii Wildlife Center, 2012 Jack Jeffrey Conservation Education Award, t-shirts and hats for sale, annual membership meeting 2012, Extincition in Paradise

The 'io or Hawaiian hawk is one of the birds that may be seen on the refuge.

Vol. IX, August 2011. How goes the 'io?, bird trends, President's perch, volunteering, service trips.

FOHF newsletter Vol VIII

Vol. VIII, April 2011. annual meeting, new board, water tank, 2011 JJ grant award, 2010 JJ grant report, bird survey PDF

Hakalau birthday cake

Vol. VII, December 2010. new board member bios, refuge update, open house 2010, Friends t-shirts for sale


Vol. VI, October 2010. Congresswoman Hirono visits Hakalau, Open house, support for the Comprehensive Conservation Plan, what's up at the Refuge

Jon Price

Vol. V, June 2010. From the President's perch, Greenhouse water tank donors, Symbiosis Superhighway, Refuge staff, letter to Congresswoman Hirono

FOHF tshirt

Vol. IV, February 2010. Annual meeting, Jack Jeffrey Conservation Award, bird walk, President's message, greenhouse water tank fundraiser, FOHF t-shirts


Vol. III, June 2009. ARRA funding for new storage building, Kona Forest unit, the ohia lehua tree, greenhouse water tank fundraiser, volunteers

ohia lehua

Vol. II, November 2008. President's message, extraordinary volunteers, greenhouse water tank fundraiser, Hakalau Gulch interpretive trail, team iiwi, Open House 2008, new FOHF logo


Vol. I, September 2007. President's message, Manager's perch, Open House, interpretive trails, volunteering, meet the Board, akiapolaau.